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"We must be still and still moving" -T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets

My name is James Baturin, and I’m an amateur film photographer from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. My love of photography blossomed when I discovered film. I love the process and patience it requires, and I love the aesthetic it produces.   

I try to find a home in paradox. Life never gives easy answers, and we must often find a way to rest in the tension of questions that don’t resolve. But this doesn’t mean that answers aren’t worth searching for, or that they aren’t to be found. “Still and still moving” speaks to this tension, and influences the simple and minimal aesthetic of my photographs, especially in my draw to long exposure photography. By introducing the element of passing time into a still image, a long exposure photograph creates at once a sense of stillness and dynamic motion.  Without the aid of a camera they are images that are invisible to our eyes, as we experience time as a succession of moments, one after another. In a long exposure image, we glimpse an answer to the question of how the world would look if we could see all moments at once.

I hope that in my photography you find a thoughtful space to wrestle and to rest.